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Order line: 0208 241 6784
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Safe On The Beach
Winners of the
2014 NEA Business Award
in the most unusual business category

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Secure slash resistant Kevlar® Cuff


It’s a well know fact that beach theft is opportunist and on the increase. Compared to 10 years ago the few items that were tossed in your bag included a sticky bottle of lotion, a towel and a curled up sandwich. But now, with the arrival of SMART phones, IPads and Kindles the beach bag is fast becoming a valuable commodity for thieves. Insurance companies are now estimating that the average worth of a beach bag is approximately £500. Last year 1.4 million Britons reported cases of holiday theft with nearly half occurring in Southern Europe and 16% whilst lying on the beach. The most common technique of beach theft is that a thief will approach an abandoned bag and bend down beside it pretending to do up their shoelaces, whilst bending, they throw their towel over the bag and when rising they pick up their towel but with your bag underneath.

The CUFF-CLIP-BAG was designed by two women who were holidaying in The Canaries and involved in not only one bag-snatch but unbelievably two.  Terrified that their bags would be targeted again they sat on the beach the following day with their bags close at hand. Looking around it became clear that people were always conscious of their beach bags, whether dozing or swimming the mantra of “will you watch my bag?” was constantly heard up and down the beach. Returning home they vowed to wage war against beach theft and set about designing a bag that could help reduce the risk of thieves snatching unattended bags. And so the CUFF-CLIP-BAG was born.

The bag is attached to any solid object such as a sun bed or parasol via a slash resistant KEVLAR® cuff that is concealed inside a small side pocket. A sturdy 3 digit combination lock snaps the cuff in place securing your valuables with the added bonus of not having to worry about losing a key. The cuff is then protected by an adjustable sleeve that hides the lock whilst in use. The bag can also be fastened to a table leg when in a restaurant eliminating any worries that a thief could snatch your bag whilst eating or relaxing. With the added feature of a top combination lock attached to the interlocking zip it also secures your valuables during sightseeing, shopping or sangria sessions.

Pack a little extra protection this holiday and let the CUFF-CLIP-BAG reduce the risk of your holiday becoming just another crime statistic.